Responsible: KOVALENKO Volodymyr S.
Tel. +380444068628
Web page:

National Contact Point: GRABCHENKO Anatoliy I.
Tel. +380577003929

1 – General Information

TP Name

Ukrainian Technological Platform of Production Processes (ManuFuture Ukraine)

Contact person (coordinator)

Prof. Dr. Sc. Volodymyr S. Kovalenko
Tel: +380444068628
Web page

Dr. Sc. Anatoliy I. Grabchenko
Tel: +380577003929

2 – Coordinating institution

Laser Technology Research Institute
National Technical University of Ukraine(KPI, Kiev)
Pr. Peremohy 37
03056 Kiev, Ukraine
Department of Mechanical Engineering
National Technical University (KPI, Kharkov)
Fruze str. 21,
51002, Kharkov,Ukraine

3 – Technical objectives

Development of innovative manufacturing technologies, more efficient management, trade networks and technological-training centres to create opportunities for Ukrainian products, industrial enterprises and service to compete on European and global market, to increase employment and to improve the life conditions; participation in creation of innovative, based on knowledge, R&D infrastructure inUkraine in the area of various manufacturing technologies as well as machines and devices production, and providing for them the significant role in europian and global economy. The detailed objectives are as follows:
– to make Ukrainian companies the leading manufacturers for global market by adaptation of the modern management and modern technology,
– to develop enterprise strategy for market and niche products (with high added value),
– to apply IT, AI and KM technologies in product and production processes,
– to study and to introduce the innovative production methods and technologies,
– to create SME trade networks and the exchange for suppliers to OEMs,
– to create the economic, regional and trade supporting and promoting groups,
– to study, together with OEMs, the rules for standardisation of components, processes and methods in certified networks,
– to develop the network of smal and merium enterprices;
– to prepare the Ukrainian oinstitutions for activity in 7 FP,
– to create modern R&D infrastructure: Open Institutes, Regional and Sectoral Centres of Excillency.

4 – Relevance to nation economy

The proposed R&D part of the Platform is especially important for the real Ukrainian economy since final products are not always distributed on the global market. Thus, the most important objective of Ukrainian machines and devices industry is its development and application of state-of-the-art technologies. The enterprises shall be included into the global supply network of highly-specialised components for global producers of final goods. High quality components produced in UKraine will increase the participation of Ukrainian enterprises in adding value to final product and will result in new work places and to deacrease the manufacturing cost.

5 – Sectors within the TP

– producers of components and elements for the airspace and automotive industry,
– manufacturers of mashines for chemical industry,
– producer of industrial systems for light and food industry,
– manufacturers of agricultural machinery,
– producers of home appliances and highly specialised components for their assembly,
– producers of machine tools, especially heavy, specialised and complex automatic manufacturing systems for the machine industry,
– producers of special machines and devices for mining, steel, construction and power industries, ship engines and other not typical machines and devices, including for defence, electric, communication and health safety applications,
– manufacturers of elements and functional mechatronic and telematic systems used in advanced manufacturing systems, market products and exploitation of technical infrastructure.

6 – ManuFuture pillars tackled by the TP

– New, added-value products and services: Yes
– New business models: Yes
– New advanced industrial engineering: Yes
– New emerging manufacturing science and technologies: Yes
– Transformation of existing R&D and education infrastructure to support world-class manufacturing: Yes

7 – Research & Development activities

At EU level:
– TACIC CD JEP 23125-2002: Experts teaching on studying Europe
– TEMPUS PP_SCM-T013A04:University policy development on quality control,
– N??? CN NIG 978384: The development of the regional center of scientific-academic model (URAN)
– TEMPUS SCM: Creation of educational structures in Europe.
– TEMPUS/TACIS IB_JEP-25254-2004: Europian integration training program for state officers.
– TEMPUS/TACIS IB_JEP-25174-2004: The development of the model of collaboration between universities and industrial sector.
– SCM TEMPUS SCM-T019B05-2005: Accreditation and standardisation of the distance education.
– STCU project #2379 Laser 3D components forming from powder metal and ceramic materials.
– STCU project #3350 Development of new design of medical stents and their manufacturing using laser radiation.

At national level:
– The increase of industry efficiency by means of development WEB-technology
– The development of ecolofy monitoring systems
– The development of technology and equipment for rapid prototyping
– The development of the theory and technology for high speed forming of abrasive and diamond tools.

Strategic Research Agenda (SRA) NO

8 – Stake holders

– 65 Companies from the sectors mentioned
– 34 Institutes and Research Centres
– 25 Centres of Excellence and Centres of Advanced Technologies
– Chamber of Commerce of U?raine
– Association “Welding” (48 companies)
– International Tooling Association (25 compamies)
– Chemical Association (8 companies)
– (20 research institutions)
– Academy of Engineering Sciences of Ukraine (87 companies and institutions)
– The association of mechanical engineers (52 companies)
– Engineering Academy of Ukraine (31 companies)

Interaction with global companies:
– Opel
– Bosch
– Siemens
– Trumf
– Bystronic
– Rofin Sinar

9 – Geographical localization (map, localization of participants):


10 – Interactions with other NRTPs

Agreement with 3 National and Regional Technological Platforms from Ukraine.

11 – Special national programmes

– State program of scientific and innovation development of Ukraine
– Ordered projects of Ministry of Education and Science (MESU)

12 – Funding instruments

– Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine (MESU)
– Ministry of Industrial Policy (MIPU)
– State Fund of Fundamental research
– Scientific and Technological Center of Ukraine (STCU)
– Structural Funds
– Regional Structural Funds