Slovak Republic

slovacchiaResponsible: MILAN Gregor
National Contact Point: Tel. ++421-41-513 2747

1 – General Information

TP Name

Slovak Technological Platform of Production Processes (ManuFuture Slovakia)

Contact person (coordinator)

Prof. Ing. PhD Gregor Milan
Tel: ++421-41-513 2747

2 – Coordinating institution

The University of Žilina
Institute of Competitiveness and Innovations
Univerzitná 1,
010 26 ŽILINA
Slovak Republic

3 – Technical objectives

To establish a powerful network of industrial organizations, associations, universities, industrial research institutes, academy of sciences, external technological training organizations and other institutions which will provide high competitive products and services with new value added, support the strengthening of the Slovak industry competitiveness and productivity on global markets. The main, long term target of these activities is to create new knowledge jobs, support R&D in Slovakia, to transfer and apply new technologies and fully integrate Slovak research into ERA. All of these activities are aimed in the growth of living conditions and quality of life in Slovakia.
The more detailed objectives are as follows:
– to establish conditions for the top research and development creating new, high value added products for global markets, with application of information technologies, Artificial Intelligence and Knowledge Engineering,
– to develop new, modular, reconfigurable machines consisting from standardised components,
– to make Slovak producers and suppliers the World Class Companies using the most progressive technologies and equipment,
– to develop and support the spread of distributed production systems,
– to transfer advanced technologies into Slovak industry, through specialised Technology centres,
– to support creativity, innovation and progress in Slovakia,
– to study and introduce new approaches assuring safety working conditions (e.g. ergonomics, safety),
– to introduce new methods for improvement of productivity in the whole product life cycle (e.g. CIM, PLM, Digital Factory, ERP, etc.)
– to establish open R&D competence centres for SMEs support,
– to create the economic, regional and trade lobbing group,
– to prepare the Slovak organisations for 7 FP,
– to establish Central European Institute of Technology.

4 – Relevance to nation economy

The proposed R&D sector of the Platform is extraordinary important for the Slovak economy. Slovakia has a long term tradition in Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Electronics and Heavy industry. These industries need new development and the application of advanced technologies. Slovak enterprises shall be integrated into the global supply network of highly-specialised components for global producers of final goods. Slovak producers and their working power are acknowledged for their high quality and precise work.

5 – Sectors within the TP

– producers of Mechanical Engineering products,
– OEMs in automotive industry,
– producers of components and elements for the automotive industry,
– producers of home appliances and highly specialised components for their assembly,
– producers of machine tools, especially heavy, specialised and complex automatic manufacturing systems for the machine industry,
– producers of special machines and devices for steel, construction and power industries, including for defence, electric, communication and health safety applications,
– manufacturers of elements and functional mechatronic and telematic systems used in advanced manufacturing systems, market products and exploitation of technical infrastructure,
– plastic processing, manufacturing machines, tools and special tooling.

6 – ManuFuture pillars tackled by the TP

– New, added-value products and services: Yes
– New business models: Yes
– New advanced industrial engineering: Yes
– New emerging manufacturing science and technologies: Yes
– Transformation of existing R&D and education infrastructure to support world-class manufacturing: Yes

7 – Research & Development activities

At EU level:
– DYCOMANS – Dynamic Control and Management Systems in Manufacturing Processes – Copernicus
– Regional Innovation Strategy (ZIP) – FP6
– The growth of Žilina region excellence through support of innovative potential – ESF
– E-learing programme focused on increasing qualification of students and teachers – ESF
– Support of productivity and competitiveness movement in the Slovak Republic – Phare project
– E-SUPPORT – complete knowledge acquisition and maintenance system for field service
engineers and a practical information on-site access tool – 6.FP
– Virtual SME Infocenter – INTERREG IIIA

At national level:
– Introduction of new generation of transport devices,
– Design and introduction of modular machine tools,
– Design and introduction of new fully automated production lines for different types of industries (e.g. rubber, wood, Mechanical Engineering, etc.),
– Automated assembly lines and new forms of assembly work organization,
– Emerging IT technologies in production management and workflow
– RP/RT/RE R&D services
– Improvement of conditions for utilisation of science-research potential of young researchers in the Slovak Reublic

Strategic Research Agenda (SRA) NO

8 – Stake holders

– Slovak Ministry of Economy
– Slovak Chamber of Commerce
– Slovak Productivity Center
– Country Union of Employers (all industrial companies)
– Industry Association of SR (large industrial companies)
– Mechanical Engineering Association
– Club 500 (500 largest producers)
– Association of Automotive Industry (86 companies)
– National Agency for SMEs
It is supposed that in a short time we will establish the National Platform consisting from all significant players from industry in the Slovak Republic, including chosen Ministries, research institutes, academia and associations.

Interaction with global companies:
– Volkswagen
– Whirlpool

9 – Geographical localization (map, localization of participants):

Slovak Technology Platform is just in an establishment phase.
This Figure shows OEMs in automotive area and their main suppliers.


10 – Interactions with other NRTPs

Preparation of agreements with other national and regional Technological Platforms from Slovakia.

11 – Special national programmes

– Slovak Government (MINERVA – Innovations & Knowledge Economy Programme)
– Ordered projects of Ministry of Education (MoEd)

12 – Funding instruments

– Ministry of Economy (MoE) – through state research projects
– Ministry of Education (MoEd) – through Scientific applied research projects
– Agency for Science and Research Support (ASRS) – scientific applied research
– Structural Funds
– Regional Structural Funds
– EFS (European Social Fund)