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Manufuture NRTP member
Manufuture HLG member: JALBA Liviu
Microelectronica S.

1 – General Information

TP Name

ManuFuture – EUROPA


Contact person (coordinator)

Phys Mugur Macrin
Tel: +40 318 241424

2 – Coordinating institution

Str. Erou Iancu Nicolae 126, 077130 Voluntari, Ilfov, ROMANIA

3 – Technical objectives

Supporting the implementation of a Regional Network (Romania, Moldova, Bulgaria, Serbia) for Atom-Scale Science and Micro-Nano- Engineering and Manufacturing, using the MANUFUTURE paradigm as the basis of the research, development, innovation and production activities.

4 – Relevance to nation economy

Includes the most relevant private entities (both in Romania and Moldova) regarding the Research, Innovation and Manufacturing in Micro- and Nano-Technologies.

5 – Sectors within the TP

– Electrical Sciences (including Microelectronics, Lasers, Piezoelectronics a.s.o.)
– New Materials and Chemistry (including ceramics, magnets, polymers, composite etc.)
– Aeronautics
– IT and Towards Knowledge Age

6 – ManuFuture pillars tackled by the TP

– New, added-value products and services: Yes
– New business models: Yes
– New advanced industrial engineering: Yes
– New emerging manufacturing science and technologies: Yes
– Transformation of existing R&D and education infrastructure to support world-class manufacturing: Yes

7 – Research & Development activities

At EU level:

At national level: (both Romania and Moldova)
– Electrical Sciences (including Microelectronics, Lasers, Piezoelectronics a.s.o.)
– New Materials and Chemistry (including ceramics, magnets, polymers, composite etc.)
– Aeronautics
– IT and Towards Knowledge Age
– Atom-Scale Science (Nanotechnologies, Nanomanufacturing)

Strategic Research Agenda (SRA) YES/NO

8 – Stake holders

1 Education:
– University POLITEHNICA of Bucharest
– Technical University of Iasi
– Technical University of Cluj-Napoca
– Technical University of Chisinau (Moldova)

2 Research
– ICCE – Institute for Electrical Sciences Research – Bucharest
– ICPE – CA –Institute for Advanced Research in ElectroTechnics – Bucharest
– IFPRL – Institute for Plasma Physics, Radiation and Lasers – Bucharest
– Institute of Chemistry “Raluca Ripan” – Cluj-Napoca
– National Centre For NanoTechnologies – Chisinau
– National Agency for Innovation and Technological Transfer – Chisinau

3 Production
– Microelectronica S.A. – semiconductors and and pressure sensors, optoelectronics LED;
– Piezoelectronica S.R.L. – quartz crystal resonators piezoelectronic devices, deposition sensors for nano-structured layers (vacuum deposition);
– CERAMica Ingenua S.R.L. – ceramic composite materials;
– Photonica S.R.L. – opto-electronic (including photonic) components, interferentiale filters; cut-off/pass-band/stop-band filters; anti-reflexion (many-layers) structures; LASER mirrors; LASER lenses; LASER beam splitters
– ComputerLand Romania – IT and computers
– Unitech S.R.L. – Software and Information Society
– Tanno S.R.L. – nanostructurated layers coating for photovoltaic elements on non-conventional supports
– Anstec-Net S.R.L. – development of sollar cell metalization and non-conventional deposition
– AmocomS.R.L. – nanocomposites, polimers, nanowires and protection against nanowaves
– Aselteh S.R.L. – Durification by allying under sparks;
– Isomer S.R.L. – Bio-stimulated nanomaterials

4 Academy
– Romanian Academy
– Academy of Science of Moldova
– Technical Academy of Moldova

5 ETPs
– EuMatRo – Romanian Platformon Materials

Interaction with global companies:
– MEMSCAP A.S. NORWAY – micromechanics
– ASM ASSEMBLY NETHERLANDS – semiconductors assemblying equipment
– CURTISS & WRIGHT U.K. – aviation production
– SINTEF NORWAY – Technology Institute of the Northern Europe
– VETCO SOUTH-AFRICA – LED and optoelectronics technologies

9 – Geographical localization (map, localization of participants):

Bucharest, Iasi, Cluj-Napoca, Suceava (Romania), Chisinau, Balti, Tighina, Orhei (Moldova)

10 – Interactions with other NRTPs

In discussion to create Manufuture ETP in Serbia with the Romanian support

11 – Special national programmes

MANUFUTURE name and logo is a registered mark of Microelectronica in Romania and Moldova

12 – Funding instruments

Private sources (more than 90%)
National sources (programs and equivalent) less then 10%