Factory of the Future automazione industriale 2009
Augusta Maria Paci – Automazione Industriale – October 07, 2009

Roadtrip: L’Esprit de L’Innovation
Paul Tate – Manufacturing Executive – April 08, 2009

Press Release of the MANUFUTURE Conference 2007
Porto (PT), 2nd-4th December 2007

Report of the ManuFuture conference 2006: Implementing the ManuFuture strategy
DG Research, EC, 8th November 2006

Germany builds national ManuFuture platform
DG Research, EC, 8th November 2006

Manufacturing: potentiality and strategies
RMO n. 100 July/August 2006 (in Italian)

European Technology Platforms: Moving to Implementation
2nd Status Report, DG Research, EC, May 2006

MANUTEX ceremony
4th May 2006, Vienna. The European Technology Platform for Assuring the future of Manufacturing in Europe (Manufuture) and the European Technology Platform for the Future of Textiles and Clothing (Textile ETP) sign a Memorandum of Understanding for close collaboration in the implementation of research and development priorities defined in their respective Strategic Research Agendas. (Download pictures: 123, Download conclusions: pdf)

Manufuture Platform
Financial Times Deutschland, 11th April 2006

The long-term impact of industrial research
European Industrial Research, EC, March 2006

European Innovation
DG Enterprise and Industry, EC, January 2006

Manufuture marches on
Jenuary 2006

Manufuture: from inspiration to implementation
Jenuary 2006

MANUFUTURE Press Conference 2005, Rolls Royce in Derby (UK)
6th & 7th December 2005, 14.30-15:00

EU IMS Newsletter issue 1
December 2005

Press Release EMO Hannover 2005
14 September