• Vision Document
  • Common Vision Towards 2020
  • Strategic Research Agenda
  • Start the implementation of Manufuture Actions
  • Transectoral Technology Roadmaps with a “Manufuture Workprogramme” for implementation
  • Joint activities with other European Initiatives (i.e. EU-MECHA-PRO, Footwear P&P, MINAM, RM) and ETPs (i.e. ECTP, Industrial Safety, SusChem, Textile, WATERBORNE, Food for Life)
  • Set up of 27 National/Regional Manufuture initiatives
  • Manufuture Porto Manifesto, the document containing the results of the MANUFUTURE 2007 Conference, held in Porto – Portugal, in December 2007, as answer of the stakeholders to the EC Recommendation “Integrated Guidelines for Growth and Jobs (2008-2010)”, which has been proposed for a Council Decision on the guidelines for the employment policies of the Member States
  • Definition and proposal of Competitive Sustainable Manufacturing (CSM), as paradigm to be implemented, to pursue Sustainable Development
  • Manufuture Conferences, to validate work done and define perspectives
  • Studies for the launch of a JTI, concerning the Factories of the Future “ground and approach” for:
    • the launch, within the European Economy Recovery Plan, of the “Factories of the Future Initiative (FoF)”, involving an investment of 1.2 BEURO,
    • the definition of the RTD medium term PPP Initiative, concerned with the Enabling Technologies for the (FoF),
    • the definition and launch of the “European Factories of the Future Research Association”, Industry lead, to interact with the European Commission regarding the PPP Initiative and further:
      EFFRA – European Factories of the Future Research Association
    • Promotion and support, within EUREKA, of the medium- short term Cluster “Manufuture Industry”, oriented to the “Factory as a Product”