The European Factories of the Future Research Association (EFFRA) is the representative of the private partners in the ‘Factories of the Future’ public-private partnership (PPP). Launched by President Barroso in 2009, under the European Economic Recovery Plan, the ‘Factories of the Future’ PPP represents a joint investment of close to €1 billion to facilitate pre-competitive European research on production technologies through pan-European consortia.

EFFRA was established by the MANUFUTURE Technology Platform and leading European industries to shape, to promote and to support the implementation of the ‘Factories of the Future’ public-private partnership. EFFRA is a non-for-profit industry driven association, promoting the development of new and innovative production technologies. It’s membership is composed of large industrial companies, SMEs, research organisations and related associations.

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EFFRA published its second projects brochure containing summaries of the 36 Factories of the Future projects and updates from all of the projects launched under the first call.

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