estoniaResponsible: RIIVES Jyri
Mechatronics Association (MecA)
Federation of Estonian Engineering Industry (EML)
IMECC (Innovative Manufacturing Engineering Systems Competence Centre)
Coordinator of the platform

Tallinn University of Technology (TUT)

1 – General Information

TP Name



Contact person (coordinator)

Tel: +3725010107

Tauno OTTO
Tel: +3725142460

2 – Coordinating institution

Mechatronics Association (MecA)
Technical Secretary: Kaia LOUN,

3 – Technical objectives

To propose a strategy based on research and innovation, capable of speeding up the rate of industrial transformation in Europe, securing high added value employment and winning a major share of world manufacturing output in the future knowledge-driven economy.

To develop a “research and innovation” strategy based on a long term vision for a field where there are many technological and economic variables and in consequence to assist the transformation of the European manufacturing industry towards a knowledge-based economy and the achievement of a world leadership in manufacturing.
To identify aspects of technological research and innovation with high potential for breakthroughs that could be only achieved at a European level.
To co-ordinate EU and national, regional and local R&D Programmes to reach a critical mass, to avoid overlaps and to develop a long term strategy where RTD activities will be a core element, but also where education and training will be priorities.

4 – Relevance to nation economy

  1. Direct support to the companies
  2. Preparing projects in the framework of FP 7 or others (Interreg, etc…)
  3. Collaboration in realisation the strategy „Estonia 2020“ in the field of:
    1. Competitive entrepreneurial environment.
    2. Educated people and coherent society.
    3. Environmentally friendly economy.

5 – Sectors within the TP

Machine building and metal working


6 – ManuFuture pillars tackled by the TP

– New, added-value products and services: Yes
– New business models: Yes
– New advanced industrial engineering:
– New emerging manufacturing science and technologies: Yes
– Transformation of existing R&D and education infrastructure to support world-class manufacturing: Yes

7 – Research & Development activities

– Integration of business and manufacturing planning based on e-manufacturing and product lifecycle management systems
– Development cost and time efficient solutions for SMEs for process automation and innovative emerging manufacturing technologies
– Self-organizing systems with online monitoring and diagnostics
– New materials and effective costings for the industry

8 – Stake holders

Tallinn University of Technology
IMECC (R&D company)
Tehnopol (Tallinn Science Park)
Tartu Science Park
Alise Tehnic OÜ
AQ Lasertool OÜ
Bestnet AS
Datel AS
Eesti Pagar AS
Favor AS
Ferreks TT AS
Fujitsu Services AS
Norcar BSB Eesti AS
Paide Masinatehas AS
Pro Step OÜ
Sumar Instrument OÜ
Hanza Tarkon AS
Wendre AS

9 – Geographical localization (map, localization of participants):


10 – Interactions with other NRTPs

For the moment there are not yet any form of official interactions with other NRTPs

11 – Special national programmes

-Tallinn City Clusters Development Programme – 2013
-Tallinn City Innovation Strategy and Cooperation Programme
-Enterprise Estonia supportive measures for technology investments and innovation :

-Development of knowledge and skills
-Supporting of technology investments
-Development of creative industry
-Cluster development
Product development grant for the entrepreneurs and universities for developing the products and services with high added value.
Competence Centre grant for creating the good products and services in cooperation with entrepreneurs and scientists.
Innovation voucher grant for increasing competitiveness of Estonian SMEs through transfer of knowledge and technology, expansion of cooperation with R&D institutions and increase of capability of protection of intellectual property.

12 – Funding instruments

Tallinn City Entrepreneurship Board support; input from industry.