The governance of the MANUFUTURE platform is ensured by the following structure:

High Level Group – HLG
As the governing body of the Manufuture Platform, it sets-up the strategy related to maintaining European leadership in Manufacturing.
It has developed the Strategic Research Agenda (SRA).

Implementation Support Group – ISG
It coordinates all the work in the platform and provides the secretarial support.

Industrial Advisory Group – IAG
It oversees the strategic part of the SRA and Implementation plan and ensures its dissemination to industrial Stakeholders.

Mirror Group – MG
It should ensure the harmonisation of Manufacturing Research activities in Member States with those ones of the Manufuture Platform.

Working Groups – WGs
They have been established for the finalisation of the SRA.

National/Regional Manufuture initiative Group – NRTP
It aligns the European Manufuture Platform to the needs of the industry in the different regions and countries in Europe.

List of Manufuture Members