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Additive Manufacturing-AM
Chairman: Martin Schaefer (
Secretariat: Frits Feenstra (



Agriculture Engineering and Technologies-AET
Agricultural Engineering and Technologies
Documents: Manufuture Sectorial Activities
AET Vision and SRA
AET Related Calls 2401071
Presentation on Status AET
Chairman: Peter Pickel (
Secretariat: Jens Fehrmann (


cet platform

Clean Environment Technology-CET
Chairman: Pascal Negre (
Secretariat: Mario Pelino (


logo_ECEuropean Concept
An European Platform
Documents: European Concept Manifesto
European Concept Presentation
Chairman: Alessandro Sciolari (
Secretariat: Marco Taisch (


footwear_logoFoot wear (ConXPET)
The European Footwear Products & Processes Technology Platform (Footwear ETP) was launched in 2006 to promote and drive research and innovation towards business success in the footwear industry, and to secure the transformation of European footwear in a sustainable knowledge intensive industry.
The active cooperation between the Footwear ETP and Manufuture has steadily grown to this day in the field of footwear-related manufacturing technologies, with joint initiatives towards the fulfilment of their respective Strategic Research Agendas.
Documents: press release, poster
Chairman: Cleto Sagripanti (
Secretariat: Emanuele Carpanzano (


logo joining

Chairman: Kristian Martinsen (
Secretariat: Eurico G Assuncao (


minamMicro Nano Manufacturing-MINAM
The Working Group Micro and NanoManufacturing
Chairman: Paolo Matteazzi (
Secretariat: Udo Gommel (

logo tooling

European Tooling
Chairman: Joaquim Menezes (
Secretariat: Rui Tocha (

logo tooling

Biointelligent Manufacturing
Secretariat: Jessica Horbelt and Martin Thoma (